Full Service eXtreme Savings for $2,995

by xrealty 1. October 2009 02:20

Don't want to do it yourself but don't want to pay the high commission fees? This service is perfect for you.

This is our best money saving service that we offer Home Sellers. Why pay 6% commission when for a low $1,995 you get the same or in most cases, better service and save thousands of money in commissions.

$2,995 Full Service Listing Program Details

  1. This is a full service listing program
  2. The $2,995 listing fee is what you pay us. $295 upfront fee and $2,700 due when your property settles.
  3. You do not pay extra when the buyer of your home does not work with a Real Estate Agent
  4. You decide how much commission to give a Real Estate Agent who brings you a buyer
  5. Optional services are (Open House, Attend Open Home Inspection & Attend Home Settlement)
  6. The $295 upfront fee is not refundable but you can cancel the listing at anytime. There is a $200 Early Termination fee.
  7. Additional $1,000 in a seller's market where it is expected to have multiple offers

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3 Month Listing

by Administrator 28. August 2009 09:28

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