Call Forwarding Service

by xrealty 7. January 2015 21:46

We have an automated phone system where buyers are recited your primary phone number when they call our main line. This is already included in your package, free of charge.

We also offer a premium service where buyers are forwarded to up to 4 phone numbers you specify. All the numbers will be ringed at the same time. Calls on the other numbers will be dropped when one of the numbers pick-up the call. Each connected call can last up to 10 minutes, more than enough to get the details of the buyers, answer basic questions and/or schedule an appointment.

The fee to add or change this service is $30


The $30 fee also applies each time you make changes to the phone list that has been activated.

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FAQ: What is the MLS?

by xrealty 3. November 2009 03:56

MLS, also known as Multiple Listing Service or Multiple Listing System is the most powerfull tool available to Licensed Real Estate Agents when they sell a house. It is a common Database used by Licensed Real Estate where they enter information about properties they sell. This is the Database they also use to search for properties that are for sale whenever they have a Buyer. This is also the same Database where all the Major Real Estate Website that offers Search for Property For Rent/Sale get their data




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